¡Salsita! a multimedia salsa party.

Salsita is a multimedia show inspired by one of the most famous latin music genres: La Salsa!

It is a project that certainly catches the attention of an international public through the merger between latin american popular culture and different techniques of contemporary art. A bar, music, dance, video, theater and technology applied to art, all gathered under one roof to achieve a more meaningful and enriching experience.

Although conceived as a complete show, of about an hour, the program can be divided into 8 parts:

0. The party has already started – Lights, Bar, the Dj and some dancers are waiting for the public when they come in. The audience have time to go for a drink, look for a place and even try they dance moves.

1. “What is Salsa?” (moderator and musicians) – Dynamic introduction of the instruments and the different musical influences of Salsa. This moment is inspired by the presentations made by Izzy Sanabria for the Fania in the 70’s.

2. Salsita (dancers, musicians and live electronics) – Fun and romance are introduced through the dance. Both delicate body contact and fast twists will make the public want to move from their places.

3. So far So close (dancer, bass, conga, trumpet and piano) – A man dances with the memories of his beloved. The theme of immigration is present since the beginning of the Salsa.

4. Here we dance the tragedy (video, trombone and live electronics) – La Salsa has also played an important role in improving the society in Latin America. Images and interviews recorded in dance schools focused on the recovery of children and youth from families with limited resources.

6. The light-footed messenger (dancer and electronics) – A journey from the beginnings of Salsa up to what could be its future. One of the most intense moments of the night, where the African influence in Salsa becomes visible.

7. The Subsidiary of Heaven (timbales and live electronics) – Mira vé! ois! vení! A tribute to Cali, city considered the world capital of salsa. In this piece is possible to listen recordings made in the city center and a virtuoso Timbales solo.

8. The party never ends! (moderator, musicians and dancers) – Presentation of the band and connection to the party.