Here are the memories of my sad love
by which I suffered so much
A bunch of flowers
and a white handkerchief

And because you don’t love me anymore,
I don’t love you anymore
There go your letters
and your handkerchief.

This lyric written by the puerto rican composer Rafael Hernandez, at first sight a typical tragic love history, reaches in a social context a deeper meaning, principally the separation caused by the emigration. The letter is used as a symbol of distance; the handkerchief as a symbol of farewell.

The history of Salsa goes hand in hand with emigration, beginning with the Africans exile to the Americas, than the massive migration of Latinos seeking better opportunities in USA, and culminating with the expansion of Salsa all over the world.

Emigration, now a personal theme, will be the subject of the piece for solo dancer and ensemble. The text of Rafael Hernandez will be the first inspiration; a man dancing with his memories; the memory of his beloved; the memory of the different styles of music he heard years ago at home.