TWO COFFEES AND ONE CIGARETTE – Master of ceremonies

– And why not use a kind of presenter to explain the extra-musical concepts?
– With presenter you mean a master of ceremonies?
– Yup! host, hostess, master of ceremonies, call it however you want. It can be a singer, an actor or a friend who can dance and speak good german so that people will understand. You all Latinos carry the rhythm in the blood.
– That’s not true. For me it was very difficult and I had to try my best. I don’t know, It doesn’t sound like your idea is going to work. A master of ceremony will carry a strong theatrical role and may attract too much attention from the audience. Even distract them from the really important concepts.
– It doesn’t necessarily have to have an important story with plot and resolution. Nor have to duplicate or repeat what is already understood from the music and the dancing. Not necessarily have to be the star of the night. But yes, it should have it’s own life. Think of it more like a tool to put the audience in context. One way to explain issues and concepts that are for many unknown.
– And what if this role is done by video or voice recordings?
– It is also a possibility, although electronics wouldn’t achieve the same effect as a person on the stage, if what you want is to reproduce a salsa party in Bogotá.
– I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.