THE LIGHT-FOOTED MESSENGER – IV. La mensajera de los pies ligeros (for dancer and fixed media)

She is not tall nor short, somewhere in between. Maybe more short than tall. Her hair is thick with lots of jet-black curls. Her shoulders are broad and she holds her head high with an air of confidence. Her skin, dark. African heritage. Her experience as a professional dancer gives her security and seems not afraid of experimenting with this music new to her ears.

He is also not tall nor short. Maybe more tall than short (at least in Colombia). His glasses give him an intellectual look, and his smile an air of tranquility. Although he has no experience as a choreographer, he trusts his ideas and believes having a clear picture of what he wants to achieve with this piece.

She tries to understand his character. He tries to explain it the best way possible:

– She’s a flirty woman, but strong and independent. She is looking for a man, but not because she fears loneliness. It’s because men can be useful when she wants to dance. She uses them as a tool to surrender to the music. Nothing else exists. On stage it’s only her and the music. Her music. The sound takes control over her mind and takes her to unknown places. No more control over the body.

Although the words were more abstract than she expected, she does her best attempt to translate those ideas into movements.

The first tries included elements of ancient African dances (full body movements, arms well spread and shoulders very relaxed), stylized steps of salsa and other Latin rhythms (mainly colombian Cumbia), and some behaviors of contemporary dance.

He thought they were on the right way. However, he wanted more theatrical elements.

– Don’t forget that she is not looking for company. No! She seeks the source of the sound, no no no, better; the music is calling her. No man or woman, just sound. Do you hear the drums? Do you hear the birds? It’s mother nature making the music! The history of mankind. Your story.

After these words they turned off some lights to give a more intimate atmosphere to the room and decided to try one more time.

The beginning was better, she seemed more concentrated and followed every sound as if it were connected to a part of her body. Passing the time, the dance became more and more intense; her body started swaying up and down, her flexible arms stretching beyond their limits, her strong legs going high without any effort, and her head started turning around until overflowing everything into a sea of overwhelming euphoria. Body on the floor. Mind in trance.

He could only look at her and tried to follow their movements to understand what she was doing. However in the highest moment of the climax he lost the concentration and started to ask himself why the person who was dancing was not the same one who entered in the room with him.

She ended exhausted on the floor and seemed to need some time to understand where she was and what was she doing. When the music completely stopped it was only possible to feel her breathing, accompanying that satisfying silence you get after a truly intense experience.

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