– Do you guys include some kind of resistance in your work?
– Well, for me the use of different languages and slang is very important. I think English, as the leading language in the world, is somehow homogenizing the work of artists with completely different cultural backgrounds. A pity! I think we can get very créatif if wir try to overcome de obstacolele wir finder on the way to expressar eine idėja in languages that are ոչ so vel known.
– I try not to follow the big tendencies. Even the “big” tendencies in contemporary music. I prefer to look for inspiration in traditional cultural expressions (music, dance, literature, paint, craftsmanship), especially those that have been little or nothing explored in contemporary art.
– I just…
– I always…
– sorry. Please go ahead
– no, you were first
– no, you, please
– you
– no, you
– come on guys!
– what?!
– what?!
– what!?
– Ok! I go first: I always try to include aspects about social injustice in my pieces. I know that is difficult to work these issues only with music, and that’s also the reason why I like to work with different media at the same time. Now you, please.
– I just do what I want.

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