MAY & JUNI 2014 – Almost there

Caucasian tall blonde blue-eyed girl presents a Salsa concert: breaking the habit

They dance as if its still possible to hear the music silence

A good mom teaches her daughter how to dance
A good dancer dances with her daughter on the back

Please! Please dear Life! help me find a male dancer. That’s all I’m asking! Is not too much… Ok, maybe a good trumpeter also. Thank you! xoxo

There something especial about this trumpet. Ja! This trumpet sings! And it sings so well that slowly drowns itself in its own sorrows. Sorrows that we all now share

Chopin at the piano, playing salsa


But this montuno was not like the others: its left hand was so bored of playing always the same as her right sister and decided to do something different. She started to jump from one register to another until she transformed into a sound-color-melody.

Dance rehearsal with Diana and Pablo; text rehearsal with Irene; dramaturgy discussion with Vendula; rehearsal with the bassist; bringing together the percussionists; edit scores; cut the video; improve the Patch; design stage and bar; get stuff for the bar; design program; design advertising; print advertising; reach the limits

“Jack of all trades, master of none” – Jack needs to work more in team!

There are much more than just bottles behind that bar; tragedy and hope

As in the old days, when movies were silent and the trombonist had to improvise to accompany the images and to heighten the drama on screen

A Llama in front of a church. A dancer in front of the Llama.

(The great outdoors) A ritual where everyone participates; the wind, the birds, the snakes, the women, the men; The yelling that spontaneously emerge from excitement

She alone fills the whole place with her breathing. Everyone breathe with her

“but there is no Salsa that comes whole to you,
at the end whips the crying, break the fear
emerge the inexplicable sadness”  *¡Que viva la música! Andrés Caicedo

Disaster: As I feared, the most difficult thing to do will be to assemble the different moments. It is not just reading the score, text or learning the choreography, it is
musicians reacting to other musicians, musicians reacting to the actress,
actress reacting to dancers, dancers to dancers,
dancers to musicians,
musicians to dancers,
dancers actress,
actress musicians,
musicians video.

This machine’s dream is to play in a Band, so she asks her friend Pedro, a Cuban percussionist, to play for her. She listens very carefully and learns from him. She even records very short samples of what he does and uses them later, as she plays her own rhythms

This piece is like a living organism: it grows with the time, changes its humor from one day to the other and even sometimes get sick. Hopefully is never going to die

Pedro turns rhythm into melody and sings through his drums. Steals the show

Last Minute: The “surprise interview” plan falls down. Federico is very good talking about salsa history but unfortunately acting is not his strong. And rightly so! A systems engineer who has never acted before

The last straw! Jonas gets sick one day before the concert. I had to light a candle for him

14 on stage
6 on backstage
– Only miss the singers and the group of back vocals doing a choreography. Next time!

And after waiting so long, everything is exactly as it should be: they dance Salsa, they play Salsa, nothing else

Yes! there is applause but the music never stopped

At the bar two Colombian guys, they don’t speak a word of German but they sell all the alcohol before the concert ends

Are we still in Hamburg? Or are we now in Colombia?

The party continues. Full bar. The best moment of the night. Everyone is sweating.

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