LAUSANNE, BY THE LAKE – Lets get the party started

– What do you wanna do?
– I want to dance. Shall we dance?
– What do you wanna do in your graduation concert?
– A Salsa Party! A show! with dancers and all… Shall we dance?
– Salsa?
– Salsa!
– I think you’ll have to filter a little bit.
– entvirtuositydescargapartyrumba45rpmsweatalcoholdrugsfunmusicdancepassionlove and why should I filter a little bit? That’s what Salsa is.
– You missed withoutsalsathereisnoheaven and how do you want to explain all this?
– There are different ways to transmit different ideas; music, video, dance, text and technology applied to art. Besides, the possibilities of mixing these medias, depending on the concept you are working with.
– Actually I can not believe that in a one-hour concert you can explain that much.
– You said it right; it is a concert, maybe more like a multimedia concert, but not a seminar about salsa. Also I think you’re underestimating.
– The audience?
– The audience.
– At least I don’t think that a public that doesn’t have experience with Salsa can learn so fast a speech as varied as your salsa ismusicdancesonmontunopianotumbaowe’replayinglikebeastsreligionfan
– I’ll not ask them to learn the history of salsa, neither the musical structure. Much less how to dance. I just wish that they can immerse into it, even if it’s just for a few minutes. That for a moment they experience the same fascination that comes over me when I hear the drums striking, when I listen how the trombones pass through with their bestial sound or the voice of the great singers with their melodies that go straight to the soul. I hope they realize that within a popular genre like Salsa you can find the history of mankind, an entire culture, and how this music can unite continents and countries just by telling the story of just one person. I want to let them see that popular music, no matter if it’s Salsa, Cumbia, Tango, Samba, Chicha or Bambuco, is a reflection of the society that carries it, and it can be useful as a tool to understand, criticize and improve this society. It generates cultural identity, racial identity, individual identity, becomes a place of equality; everyone singing, dancing, having fun, getting close, getting far. There is no discrimination! A place to forget the difficulties and injustices. A dream! See, that’s what Salsa or popular mu…
– Shall we dance?