FARAWAY, SO CLOSE! – II. Tan Lejos Tan Cerca (for one dancer, trumpet, piano and electric bass)

There is no band, but the music continues and changes. He keeps choosing to be close to her. He wants to possess her. He wants to dance the slowest song with her. She doesn’t choose the same. Her music is another, at a speed that no one can follow. She wants to move. He desires her but she just wants to dance. As if by magic she disappears. He has lost her forever. He knows that a woman who wants to dance can not belong to anyone, only to music.

As if that was his destiny since he came to this country a few years ago, he ends up alone again, desperate to find a love that seems every day further away. He searches at the dance floor, at the tables. Finds it. She has not changed since that afternoon years ago when they parted. She has not changed a thing, but didn’t remains the same. The truth is that everything has changed from that afternoon years ago. She became a memory, sometimes so close and sometimes too far. How good they dance together! They dance the slowest song. The music brings them close, closer and closer, so close as if they were just one.

So faraway, so close, now there is only one