14 APRIL, BOGOTÁ – ¡Que viva la música!

Hola Diana!

How is everything??? hope you are enjoying the arrival of spring!

I’m writing to you because recently occurred to me that it would be nice if we develop a sort of character for you. I was reading ¡Que viva la música!, a novel by the Colombian writer Andrés Caicedo, and thought that maybe we could get inspired by the protagonist. The fragment that gave me the idea:

Music, like you know me,
Music, like you encourage me,
you fan me and cover me,
the pact is sealed,
I’m your diffusion,
the one who opens the door and settle the step,
the one who transmit through the valleys the news of your union and your abnormal joy,
the light-footed messenger,
the one who doesn’t rest,
the one with the terrible mission,
take me in your arms when the weakness time comes,
hide me,
find me a shelter until I recover me,
bring me new rhythms for my convalescence,
introduce me to the street with renewed strength in an afternoon of colorful necklaces,
and that my air achieves confusion and lost,
I’ll show and spread your airs,
so they become tragic essence of those
who don’t know me,
those who see me and never forget me.
For the dead.

As you see a woman devoted to dance and music!!! What do you think?

I’ll be back in Hamburg on April 21th. From there we can get more in touch.

I send you a hug from la tierrita!

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