14 APRIL, BOGOTÁ – If she can, me too!

Frau Benedict!

Wie geht’s???

Do you remember that some time ago I mentioned a crazy idea about inviting a Colombian friend to cheer the public at my concert? Well, that friend is you! I was thinking and after being in a couple of salsa concerts, I realized it’s a really important role and must be done by someone with experience on stage. I know it may sound weird, but considering that the concert will take place in Germany, I think your presence, being blonde, blue-eyed, far from having the appearance of the typical Latina, can help the public, mostly non-Latino, to feel identified with what they see and hear. At least a little bit 😉

If I choose the typical Latino male as the presenter, it would be easier to take an external position, where dance and music fall into the category of something exotic. Non-personal. Better said, we will change the “is that they have it in the blood” for “if she can, me too!”.

What do you say? All you have to do is present the orchestra, cheer the audience, talk a little bit about the music (in a mixture of Spanish and German) and of course dance! Easy, right? hehe

Unfortunately there are no budget but Credit Points 😉

I would really like to work with you!

Besos from Bogotá!

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