14 APRIL 2013, HAMBURG – The color is back

Today began the third semester of the master, and after the first composition class with Manfred, in which I shared for the first time my new idea, it became already clear that if I really want to work with Salsa as a reference style for my graduation project, I will have to study it very thoroughly. Everything must be relevant, not only the musical characteristics, but also the various aspects related to it. Everything is possible; history, differences between countries, sub genres, dance movements, etc.

This will require the use of different methods to help me enter this world. Analyze scores, talk to experts, listen carefully to the music and even learn to play basic patterns on the bass, piano and percussion, are some of the methods that come to mind at this moment.

I’m really excited about this new project. I feel that a new phase in my life is beginning, and I’m full of optimism. It must be the spring.