13 MARCH, CALI – III. Here we dance the tragedy (video with live trombone and live electronic)


I really like Cali! Although it has rained almost every day, it is very warm and you can take nice walks. Even in the evenings! With this temperature, food and women, now I quite understand why Cali is called “the Subsidiary of Heaven”.

Maybe one of the things I like the most is the friendliness of the people. Very often they welcome you with a “hi sweetheart” or with a “hello my love”. Even with the “hey papi” that always makes me smile. Apparently I had forgotten the immediate familiarity that is transmitted in many parts of Colombia. Every time I hear these greetings my heart beats hard!

You can’t imagine all that I’ve learned about Salsa and its relationship with the city. First, something I had never experienced in Bogotá, is that Salsa is music from the neighborhood and represents mainly a social sector with difficulties. You know those lyrics about thieves? or about poor people? Well, that’s not at all the imagination of the composer, it’s a lively reflection of the reality of thousands or millions of people. I think you already know that, but what you don’t know is that these people find in Salsa a relief and an opportunity to succeed. They feel identified and get together under one roof for the sole purpose of enjoying music and dancing. Some of them see it as a professional option! It’s amazing, I never thought that music could mark so much the identity of a city.

You should be here! especially to go dance! although you’d get probably bored… every day I have been busy interviewing people related to salsa; today I talked almost two hours with a music collector and yesterday with the director of an important band. I went also to a dance school for children and youth from families with economic difficulties, and tomorrow I’ll go to another dance school famous because their unique style; Salsa-Ballet!

I’m really excited. All this that I’m telling you, I hope to tell also the audience at my concert. Immediately when I arrive in Bogota, I’m going to start working on a video with images that I made in the dance schools and in the streets with the little camera you gave me last christmas 🙂

See you soon!

Your son that loves you.

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