Rain. The day was dark and cold, but they really wanted to go out for a beer. It was Friday night anyway. As usual, the first to arrive was Andrés. 15 minutes later, Carlos. After a short hug they entered the YM, a small red light bar that had become their meeting place a couple of years ago. They ordered two beers and two small Mexikaner (a mixture of vodka, tomato juice and tabasco). Drinks in hand, they sat down at the only table available and started talking about the same issues as usual; the concert last week, the weather, work, nothing that really matters.

Half an hour later two girls entered the bar. Without finding a better place to sit, they came to the same table where Andrés and Carlos were talking. There, two chairs were available.

– Well? Are you going to get elegante tonight? -Andrés asked Carlos-.
Andrés knew that with this word he could always convince Carlos to make contact with a group of girls, even if they both knew beforehand that he was going to be rejected.
– Wait -was all Carlos said. His mouth was still in the almost empty beer glass-.

The wait was not too long. After a short silence, Carlos drank a sip from what was left in the small glass and interrupted the girls abruptly. They were talking non stop since they had come into the bar.

– Want to drink a Mexikaner with us? -Carlos asked nervously, letting them know that he was going to the bar. The girls looked at each other and decided telepathically-.
– Why not? answered the one with short hair. She didn’t seem too sure-.
Without saying anymore, Carlos went to the bar and returned five minutes later with the first round.

The conversation started as usual; what do you do? where do you come from? really? jada jada jada. All that and some practical jokes. Lisa studied business administration and Andrea, the one with short hair, sociology. Both from germany. Slowly the talk focused on the kind of music that Andrés and Carlos do.

– It’s like classical music but made today- Carlos said. He always gives the same answer when someone asks what kind of music he writes-. It can be a composition for solo piano or for orchestra.
– So you have to learn all the instruments? -Lisa asked surprised-.
– No, we mainly use the computer as our music instrument. -Andrés replied-.
– So you make electronic music. -Lisa said-.
– Yes, but not what you usually hear on the radio -Andrés explained-. Something a little bit more experimental.
– Ahhh I see -said Andrea, happy to have solved the enigma-. And you really like this experimental music or whatever it’s called?

Carlos and Andrés laughed at the same time because of the displeasured tone of the question. At that moment arrived by surprise Maria, André’s girlfriend. While the couple greeted each other with some cheesy gestures, Carlos prepared the answer and then addressed it to Andrea.

– I really don’t often wonder whether I like it or not. I like composing experimental music, I know that, but I really don’t listen to it often.
– So what is your favorite music?
– Difficult question.
– Ok, who is your favorite singer?
– Even more difficult.
– Well, but what do you listen to normally?
– It depends on the situation. For example, if I have to clean my room I love hearing Vallenato, a popular folk music of Colombia. Or when I cook I love to hear songs that I can sing, some rock in Spanish; Café Tacuba, Robi Draco Rosa, something like that.
– And for dancing?
– For dancing, Salsa!