Compositions for instruments and (live) electronics (2012 -2017)

Compositions for instruments and (live) electronics

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El Vuelo Mágico de Orión (2017)

for paetzold square bass recorder (with delay and snare drum)
Commissioned by Lilli Pätzold

Pacha (2016)

for guitar, accordion and electronics
Exploration of some still living music traditions in the Andes and its relation with protest
movements. Commissioned by the Lux Nova Duo.

Nacido en el Valle, el Río y la Montaña (2015)

for accordion and electronics
This piece explores the relation of Vallenato Music with the landscape and the culture of
Colombian northern region. Commissioned by Eva Zöllner.

Relatos Reales (2015)

for flute/piccolo, drum-set and live electronics
Piece inspired by Latin American pre-hispanic tales. Commissioned by the Shanghai Electronic
Music Week.

Aquí Bailamos la Tragedia (2014)

for trombone, video and electronics
Multimedia-Documentary about salsa dance as strategy for social inclusion.

La Mensajera de los Pies Ligeros (2014)

for dancer and fixed-media

La Sucursal del Cielo (2013)

for latin timbal and live electronics
Mira vé! ois! vení! A tribute to Cali, city considered the world capital of salsa.

Salsita (2013)

for two dancers, percussion, contrabass and live electronics

Desde la Ventana (2012)

for piano and live electronics
Inspired by the issue “social inequality” in the capital of Colombia. Second Place at the
International Composition Competition „Electronic Music Week“ 2013, Shanghai.